Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning units are a fantastic way to heat and ventilate your room – and it’s energy efficient.

We offer professional Air Conditioning services for both home and business.

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Air Conditioning Repairs

If you have an air conditioning unit that is broken in any way, we can repair the unit or connected parts quickly and efficiently with a minimum of fuss to your house or business.

From leaking condensers to general wear & tear, CJ Blay Plumbing & Heating can help you with your air conditioning repair.

Air Conditioning Repairs in Doncaster

Does your Aircon have a leak?

Aircon Parts Replacement

We can replace worn parts!

Leaking water from an air conditioner can sometimes be misleading. An air conditioner can sometimes cause condensation due to the dehumidifying process, but a pooling or big puddle of water is different and something we will address straight away. We will run a few tests to determine where the leak is coming from and to find out exactly what part of the system is causing you the problem. Once identified we will replace the offending part and then test the system to make sure that everything is working as it should be.

Over time, your air con unit will need a few parts replaced as they come to the end of their normal life expectancy. Let’s face it, the unit is on most of the time and whilst they are robustly built, certain parts will eventually stop working. CJ Blay can help you with those repairs, we have worked on most models of ac units and should be able to source a new part for you, delivered and fitted in the quickest possible time.
Air Conditioning Servicing in Doncaster

Are your Aircon Gas Levels correct?

Cleaning Aircon Filters

Keeping your aircon filters clean!

Air Conditioning Servicing

Giving your air conditioning unit a regular service is essential to keeping it running efficiently.

Whether it is a unit for your home or business we can service your ac unit according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, keeping your warranty intact and saving you money by the units continued efficient running.

The most common service we perform is the cleaning and changing of dirty filters. If the filters become clogged up, the air con unit will not be as effective and can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. This can result in an odd smell coming from the unit – something none of us want. A quick replacement of the filter and a cleaning of the grills and we will have your unit back to its optimum performance.
As part of your service, we will check the ac units gas levels to make sure that there haven’t been any leaks. We will weigh the gas and replenish the gas levels if required. This keeps your system running smoothly and makes sure that your air conditioning unit isn’t working any harder than it should do

Air Conditioning Installations

CJ Blay Plumbing and Heating have been installing air conditioning units in Doncaster for a number of years now.

Whether you need an air conditioning unit for your home or for your business, we can help you pick the right unit for you, install it and get you started onto better heating and cooling efficiencies.

Air Conditioning Installation For Homes in Doncaster

Do you need Aircon for your home?

Air Conditioning Installations For Businesses in Doncaster

Business Aircon – we can install that!

Home air conditioning units come in all shapes and sizes, from single room air conditioning units to whole household air con units that can be controlled from a single control panel (or even a smartphone).
We have installed plenty of air conditioning systems for Doncaster businesses – from computer server rooms, to wine cellars and we’ve even been asked to install ac units in art gallery archives. All require a constant temperature and humidity. We can advise you on which ac unit best suits your business, taking into account what you need it for, the size of the room(s) that need to be regulated, and the energy savings your business will enjoy.

Aside from keeping rooms at a constant temperature for business equipment, air conditioning units are a great way to keep you and your employees working at a steady temperature. Long gone are the days of having to have portable fans brought in to try and get a semblance of cool air going round the office – or having the expensive heating cranked up to full because winter has arrived.

Split Air Conditioning – made up of two parts, an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit houses the evaporator or cooling coil and the cooling fan. The outdoor unit houses parts such as the compressor, condenser and expansion valve.


Air Conditioning Repairs


Air Conditioning Servicing


Air Conditioning Installations