LPG Services

Whether you need a new LPG unit installed, serviced or repaired, we can provide you with a quick, efficient and cost effective service.

CJ Blay are fully qualified to deal with all your household LPG requirements.

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LPG Repairs

CJ Blay are qualified to repair your LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) boilers and appliances in your home.

We can also repair your boiler in your static caravan or holiday home. Please note, that we are not able to repair boilers in caravans, motorhomes, mobile food vehicles, etc. (the rule of thumb is, if it has wheels, we can’t repair it – this requires a specific type of certification).

LPG Repairs in Doncaster

Does your LPG system need a repair?

LPG Services - Repairs

We “can’t” repair Motorhomes!

LPG System Servicing

We can service your LPG system

LPG Static Caravan Servicing in Doncaster

Static Caravan Boiler Maintenance

LPG Maintenance

By having your LPG heating system maintained and serviced on a regular basis, will help keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

If you would like to talk to us about scheduling a maintenance plan for your LPG heating system, just give us a call.

Please Note: we are not able to service (as with the repairs), caravans, motorhomes, mobile food vehicles – sorry

LPG Installations

Whether you are needing a new LPG tank installed, or a full LPG Heating system fitted into your home, CJ Blay are fully qualified to do this for you.

From new build houses, to replacing an existing heating system, we are able to efficiently fulfill your LPG Installation needs.

LPG Services - Installations

Need a new LPG Tank installed?

LPG Installations in Doncaster

LPG Installations – we can do them!


LPG Repairs


LPG Servicing


LPG Installations